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Von Abseits – Detour EP

Our good friend Von Abseits is a producer of sample-based Lo-Fi Hip-Hop beats. We paid him a visit in Berlin and made a mini-documentary about him, in which he talks about his music, philosophy and his way of living.


[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Von Abseits releases his very first EP on Still Sunday Records, called “Detour”:

Going on a journey, venturing into the unknown, curious for what will occur on the way… At some point, you will open your eyes and your ears and you’ll be surprised by the world and yourself.

Von Abseits started the project of “Detour” by putting together different beats and arrangements that were collected on, inspired by or began on his travels. The excitement of listening back and editing led to new beats, which, together with the other material, transformed into this EP. His very first release.

Mischa Wolff a.k.a. Von Abseits’ own words on creating “Detour”:
“The process of its creation turned out to be non linear and confusing at times. The concept formed and adapted itself according to its surroundings, the atmosphere I found myself in. It felt like taking a lot of detours on the way. It helped me a lot to let this project rest and then, after some time, returning to it with fresh ears and new inspiration. All this needed to happen to let it sound like it sounds now and for me to be here at this point.”

Take a listen and enjoy!
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Extended Play record
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  • 1. Errthing According 2 Flow
  • 2. The Beninging
  • 3. Far Away
  • 4. Hi 2 C
  • 5. Moonboots Blisterin'
  • 6. Plain Lost
  • 7. Nostalgia
  • 8. The Source / Mum’s Nectar
  • 9. Back 2
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You can download Detour on donation basis at Bandcamp.

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“You can really look at  anything and the longer you look, the more details you will see. Anything could be interesting.”

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