Still Sunday Release Party

Date(s) - 10/11/2018 - 11/11/2018
16:00 - 04:00

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Dear friends and friends-to-be,

The time has come to introduce you to Still Sunday!!!
After many months of hard work we are now on the verge of launching our website and online art-magazine. We’d love to celebrate this with you.

In honour of this first release, we will throw a micro-festival on the 10th of November at Brebl.

For those who haven’t heard of Still Sunday, it is an online art -and music magazine and offline community, based on wonder, open mindedness and a general interest in the arts. By exploring different aspects of life together, we wish to create more reflection and ease in this hasty society.

Please feel welcome to come along and be part of this experience. It will be a day full of art and music and a showcase of what Still Sunday is all about. Expect live music varying from singer songwriters to punk, a big exposition with works from distinctive artists, performance art and dj’s who will make your booty shake till the break of dawn. (timetable will follow)

In the midst of all this partying, exploring and connecting there’ll be an offline presentation of Still Sunday Magazine: Issue 001!


The exhibition and performances are free from 16:00 till 20:00. (We will ask for a voluntary donation.)
Starting at 20:00, access is provided via tickets. You can purchase one above or ask a Still Sunday crew member (David, Maarten, Reinier, Nick, Fleur).
Pre-sale: €5,-
At the door: €9,-

Let us combine forces and enjoy a beautiful day together 🙂
We hope to see you there!



~~~ DJs ~~~
Von Abseits ~ (Genre-crossing)
Invisible Ralf (Live) ~ (Experimental Ambient)
Coco – Artist Page ~ (Afro)
Seven Jones ~ (House & UK Garage)
Zaftra Morgen ~ (Psybient)
Pelgrim ~ (World, Electronica)
Faveworm ~ (Trip-Hop & Firm Electro)
Shuffle’s Truffle ~ (Slow Tech, Melodic Techno)
Swingmar ~ (Slow Tech, Tribal)
Rients Pieters ~ (Deep House, Tech)
Ed Ease ~ (Worldly Slowness)

~~~ Live Music ~~~
George Kush Collective ~ (Alternative Hip-Hop with a message)
Fake ID ~ (Britrock, Ska and Energizing Reggae)
Von Abseits (Live SP-404)
+ Elephant Jack ~ (Performing their latest Lo-Fi Hip-Hop EP’s together)
I. Straus ~ (Emulsion of romanticism & punk)
Teletubers ~ (Punk, Garage)
Sasha Dorodeiko ~ (Ambient Hybrid-Liveset)
Key May ~ (Intimate Storytelling with an Upbeat Twist)
2lazy ~ (Lofi Hip-Hop)

~~~ Lecture ~~~
Frank Tarenskeen (Peace, Relaxation & Art)

~~~ Performances & Theatre ~~~
Naaistreek ~ (flamboyand duo that combines fashion/costume design with a surprising performance)
Poẽzie Colada ~ (brings original poetry where you least expect it)
Onduidelijke Correspondenties – Menzo Kircz ~ (a play on wonder and communication performed out of a little box)
Bankje – Lotte van der Pasch ~ (sit down on a bench and talk about life and all it’s mysteries)

~~~ Expo ~~~
Koos de Vries ~ (figurative paintings)
Jori Habraken ~ (abstract and figurative paintings)
Anna van Bronswijk ~ (abstract paintings)
Buster Van Oostende ~ (drawings with poetry)
Waterballet ~ (video art with soundscapes)
and more…

~~~ Short Films ~~~
The Raftman’s Razor – Keith Bearden ~ (two kids get obsessed with a action-less superhero)
One – Rients Pieters ~ (personal, associative documentary edited on music)
and more…